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CBC Certificate of Business Coach

Certificate of Business Coach (CBC)

Consultant required capacity of a new era of information, through the assistance of different computer software systems, use of information technology to help make training more interesting, while creating and differences in other advisors.

Course Introduction

  • Modern enterprises face a high degree of change and intense competition in a dynamic environment, the biggest challenge lies in the ability to make decisions with pressure and quality management team. A mature team face a variety of uncertainties, it must be able to quickly and correctly judge the situation, identify the priorities of the various possible causes of apparent or potential, rational set of problem solving, to develop a variety of solutions, the potential risk of vision so that the effective implementation of strategies to achieve organizational business objectives. This course is designed to innovative teaching and innovative business war with a computer learning, the ability to dynamically competitive challenges managers face workout.
Course Objectives
  1. From the management skills mastery of knowledge to operate the full range of practices.
  2. focuses on the overall business and corporate leaders to enhance the quality of management.
  3. through competition, the knowledge into intellectual capital, thereby converging personal intelligence community wisdom.
  4. balanced decision-making and group decision-making independence conflict, strengthening inter-departmental coordination team collaboration.
  5. Interpret financial statements accurate and fast, improve data analysis and judgment, strategic thinking and its practitioners use.
  6. Grasp competitive strategy, and more experience every time, the true meaning of success for business operations, it is a point to deepen understanding.
Course Value Relative to other management education pedagogy, the pedagogy of commercial warfare operations in coordination with the performance of computer equipment out of its diversity, but has the most of the teaching characteristics, summarized as follows:
  1. risk-management, to create close to the real situation of the enterprise learning situations.
  2. Learning objectives clear and its challenges, with the effect of role-playing, training in decision-making ability.
  3. provides a dynamic learning environment, learning outcomes rapid feedback.
  4. Emphasizes numerical analysis, attention to rational judgments, to help establish the overall concept.
  5. teaching or business using the best materials, the consultant can be upgraded when the coach.
  • A recognized college degree or equivalent degree
    More than 10 years work experiences in relative industry
    Join a 15-hour back training courses every year after been awarded the certificate
Courses:(Total 36 hours)
  1. Corporate vision and strategic planning
  2. Business innovation and organizational change
  3. The Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation
  4. Circulation industrial strategy simulation
  5. Leadership and management consultant
  6. Team communication and performance guide