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International American Association of Finance & Management

CFC Certificate of Finance Consultant

Certificate of Finance Consultant (CFC)
Course Objectives:

  1. To assist consultants to obtain the Certificate of Finance Consultant (CFC) through training;
  2. To enhance consultants' work efficiency through familiarizing themselves with financial tools;
  3. To elevate consultants' abilities in deciphering financial indexes and in diagnosing enterprises.

Course Features
  1. To help finance consultants to provide higher level services;
  2. To increase consultants' own added value so as to become more proficient in enterprise diagnoses;
  3. To strengthen consultants' skills in utilizing financial tools so as to conduct more efficient enterprise diagnoses and to foster their abilities in deciphering finance indexes and diagnosing enterprises through demos of financial tools and in-class practices.
  4. The course focuses on three aspects: financial statement interpretation, enterprise diagnosis, formulation of enterprise key performance indicator (KPI). The content includes lecture on management strategies, business knowledge, and interpretation of authentic case studies.

Application Qualifications:
  1. Bachelor or above from a recognized college or university
  2. Experience as a consultant with background in finance or executive management
  3. Over 10-year background experience in industrial management or finance with the intension to become a financial consultant
  4. A 15-hour training per year after receiving the certificate is required. Abiding by the IAAFM ethical guide is mandatory.

Courses (42 hours)
    1. Corporate Financial Statements Analysis
    2. Corporate Operation Environment Assessment and Analysis
    3. Financial Diagnosis and Analysis (Operation Model, Industrial Chain, Resource Distribution, and Gross Profit Margin)
    4. Analysis of Intra-Corporate Operation Management
    5. Integrated Performance Management and Application of Management Accounting
    6. KPI Formulation and Tracking System Importation
    7. Skills in Consulting and Practical Scenario Simulation
Certificate of Finance Consultant (CFC) certification exam (an international certificate issued by International American Association of Finance and Management)