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IAAFM Board Certificate
CIM Certificate of Innovation Management

Certificate of Innovation Management (CIM)

Innovation Management exposes business people to the process of design thinking and teaches designers how to talk business. The Certificate in Innovation Management is designed for managers who work in environments where innovation and emerging technologies can potentially change the future of the business, allowing time-to-market to be reduced and gaining competitive advantage through effective product development, technology and innovation management.

The fundamental skills and knowledge of the designation are:
  • Integrated thinking to offer real, insightful solutions and convince decision
  • A problem solver, critical thinker, and challenge ideas and processes.
  • Understand the internal and external dynamics of business innovation
  • Address the main challenges related to innovation management:
    organization, technology evolution and management, market dynamics, funding, ethical and legal aspects...
  • Efficiently manage their technology portfolio and the innovation processes

    Exemption or Executive Waivers: If you have successfully completed an Accredited Masters Degree or masters in business, management, finance, tax, accounting, financial services, law, or have earned a CPA, MBA, MS, DBA, PhD or JD, Doctorate of Law, or hold a sanctioned Graduate Designation (specify all licenses and designations in your application) - Then, you may be pre-qualified if you have the substantial experience that can be shown in your resume. If you have an AACSB, ACBSP or EQUIS accredited college degree with more than 5 years of relevant experience in this industry you may also submit an application and email documentation of your experience, education, licenses and credentials. If you meet the above requirements above, submit a good faith resume that illustrates the education, experience, and testing that you have or have completed. Send a resume to