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MIMP Master of Innovation Management Professional

Master of Innovation Management Professional (MIMP)

There are three trends of innovative structures, they are: diversity, speedy and globalization.

Today's organizations have discovered that diversity is not only good for people it's also good for business. Companies that successfully adopt diversity as a strategic initiative are likely to experience the following benefits: Improved morale, quality and acceptance of decisions, increased efficiency and productivity, improved product and service quality and effective teamwork. Speedy means to dispose of speedily, as business; to execute quickly; to make a speedy end of. Globalization is a process that renders various activities and aspirations "worldwide in scope or application. Broadly speaking, the term 'globalization' means integration of economies and societies through cross country flows of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital, finance and people.

Business tends to improve individual projects, from this point of view, the efforts to invest in product development and combining product and business strategies, prepared to integrate the internal and external resources effectively to achieve business goals. Through: 1. integrate product strategies with market needs and opportunities, 2. incorporate the efforts of business R & D with opportunities; 3. product line synergy oriented; 4. high performance of project management and operation; 5. advanced products and technology R & D investment; to significantly achieve concept of effective, product consumptions, technology and market, and business model innovation.

We make every effort to promote and foster innovation management professionals, to encourage innovation and viable effective thinking model by award of the certificate. The ultimate goals are stimulate industrial progress, development and improve human health and happy life.

By complete the following courses and the examination with approval scores candidate will be awarded the following certificate:


Master of Innovation Management Professional (MIMP)

Course Effective:

  • Grasp the competitive advantage of business
  • To learn prospects of motivating and innovative thinking ability
  • Training in organizational change (break) status, a strategy to improve organizational performance service mode
  • Take the opportunity to analysis; create idea, select, and operation the interaction of concept and technology development activities; to establish a powerful driving force of innovation management around customers


  • A recognized college degree or equivalent degree
  • More than three years work experiences in relative industry
  • Join a 15-hour back training courses every year after obtain the certificate


  • Course Fee USD1, 000, after receive the certificate, membership fee (USD100) and license fee (USD500) will be charged

    Courses:(Total 35 hours)

  • Knowledge Management of Learning Organization
  • Creative Inspiration and Practical Application
  • Planning and Management of New Venture
  • Feasibility of New Ideas and Innovation of Financial Investment

  • Practical Application of Innovation Management